West Michigan summers at the lake shore

South Haven Beach

Having grown up in West Michigan and spending summers at the lake shore. Sister and brother team, Nicole and James Slott, knew that they wanted to grow their business here at home. Thus, was the beginning of Ilios Investments, a Real Estate Investment firm. Nicole runs a successful consulting business and coaches volleyball, James runs two car washes and a laundromat as well as coaches lacrosse. Together they formed Ilios Investments which currently owns several commercial buildings, a blueberry farm and the property where the Black River Barn is being built.

“The Black River Barn was an idea that evolved from a simple request for a wedding space from one of our friends. Weddings are some of the most memorable moments in a couples lives and we loved the idea of creating a space that people would love just as much as we do!” said Nicole. Discussions of a shortage of medium to large venues to hold weddings, corporate meetings and other functions led them to finalize the decision to build. After an exhaustive search, South Haven was determined to be the ideal spot to locate the venue. “South Haven did not have a facility that could accommodate larger events and when we spoke with the city there was an overwhelmingly positive response to our build request.” said James. Thus the property was acquired, the necessary permits were approved, and the process began.

The mission of the Black River Barn is to provide a unique Wedding/Meeting experience that will provide the participants with a lasting memory of their special event. Let us help you set the stage to create your perfect memory to last a lifetime!